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Aviation and Space Law

Paterson MacDougall stands for excellence in aviation law. For more than 45 years the firm has provided sound legal and practical advice to the Canadian and international aviation industry on regulatory, litigation and commercial matters. The firm has represented airlines and their insurers in major Canadian air disasters including the Air Canada accidents in Toronto in 1978, in Cincinnati in 1983 and Fredericton in 1997, the Air India bombing in 1985, and the Air France accident in Toronto in 2005. The firm has also advised on satellite insurance matters. 


  • Defending bodily injury, baggage and cargo claims against airlines
  • Defending aviation product liability claims
  • Handling and defending general aviation, private and small commercial aviation claims
  • Defending class actions against airlines
  • Counsel in complex multi-jurisdictional litigation resulting from air accidents, incidents and commercial differences
  • Counsel on aviation and space arbitrations
  • Advice on insurance coverage
  • Prosecuting subrogation claims on behalf of aviation insurers
  • Representing air carriers in matters involving Transport Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Canadian Border Services Agency and the Transportation Safety Board
  • Advice on Canadian air transportation regulatory requirements for services for persons with disabilities and representation on accessibility complaints
  • Advice on aviation risk management
  • Advice and assistance on scheduled and non-scheduled Canadian Transportation Agency licences, Transport Canada operating certificates, CBSA bonds, code share agreements between airlines and Canadian approvals, and rights and requirements under bilateral and open skies agreements
  • Advice on operating international air services into Canada including leasing premises, GSA and handling agreements, employing local staff, advertising and sales promotions, privacy laws and emergency response plans
  • Our emergency response team is available 24/7

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